JBoss and iTunes Don’t get Along…

For whatever reason JBoss and iTunes don’t get along on my machine. I listen to music all day via iTunes. I obviously open and close applications while listening to music. The only app that interferes with iTunes is JBoss. Every time I bounce my local JBoss server the track playing in iTunes skips like a broken record.

The first couple times I heard the skipping I thought I had ripped some scratched CDs. Then I tied the two things together and realized that starting up a JBoss server must be a serious CPU hit. Enough to make iTunes skip. No other app on my machine skips iTunes. I’ve even gone back and tried to bounce other CPU intensive apps (Oracle, MySQL, Tomcat) and they didn’t cause the skipping.

Just a new Hmm… for you.

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  1. Frank Merenda

    Yes, JBoss will hit your CPU hard when you start it up. It’s never caused my music player to skip at all (rythmbox on ubuntu), but I’ve got a crazy laptop with tons of power, so that’s probably why.

    Mysql/Tomcat are really lightweight compared to JBoss. Mysql actually hardly uses any resources to start up, it’s only working hard if you are doing mad queries.

    Tomcat starts up in like 2 seconds on my laptop. JBoss in the “all” configuration takes almost a minute (with deployment of all my current project) and about 45 seconds starting up by itself in the “all” configuration.

    The default config is much quicker, but it’s still nowhere near as lightweight as tomcat/mysql…

    Take care,

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