New Gmail Features…

I love Google. The stuff they give us for free is just amazing. As far as I know they don’t charge for any of it, not even upgrade or premium fees. Amazing.

Anyhow, I’m not sure when they rolled out the new Gmail features, but they’re pretty damn good. First, the Auto-Save feature is awesome. Everybody that uses webmail has been bitten but the browser lock-up/crash and lost an email. Kiss that problem goodbye.

Next feature, Export Contacts. Not a big one, but if you have put a ton of time into building a Contact list you can now back it up.

And lastly, they made some changes to Google toolbar and they rolled out a customized/personalized Google Start page. The new Google start page will take some time getting used to. I really enjoyed the plain, simple look the Google index page had.

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  1. David

    I love the google start page. You can put just about any RSS feed on there. Between that and some live bookmarks in Firefox I’m pretty set.

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