College Football Playoff Idea…

A cyber-friend of mine, Chad Baker, blogged about Florida getting rolled by Alabama. That wasn’t the good part of the post (who really cares about Gator football?) the good stuff is in the comments. I made a comment about how I hate the BCS and the fact that conferences are guaranteed a spot in the BCS even if their whole conference has a down year. Chad replied with a brilliant plan for NCAA football and a playoff system. I’m pasting his comment here but go read Chad’s full post to see the full discussion.

Chad said…

The BCS is just a bad solution for a bad problem. College football on the whole needs to be redone. Having conferences just confuses everything and makes a true rating system impossible. Here’s my solution…

At one point (and maybe still today), there were 108 teams in NCAA Division 1 Football. I say, split those teams into three subdivisions of Division 1, say A, B and C.

The A group would be the best of the best, and would play a schedule that includes 7 games against other “A” teams, 3 games against “B” teams and 1 game against a “C” team.

The B group would be the next best teams, and they would play 3 games against “A” teams, 5 games against other “B” teams and 3 games against “C” teams.

Finally, the C group would play 1 game against an “A” team, 3 games against “B” teams and 7 games against other “C” teams.

Then, at the end of the season, there would be three Champions, with the top 6 teams in each subdivision involved in a playoff to decide the winner.

Also, any time an “A” team has a losing record against “B” teams, they would become eligible for demotion, to the best team in the “B” group with a winning record against “A” teams. This pattern would also allow “C” teams to move up into the “B” group (and possibly into the “A” group the next year). The 36-team limit would always be enforced, meaning that no teams can move between subdivisions without someone else moving in the opposite direction.

Easy enough…let’s put it in place.

I just love the idea. Especially, the part about the bad teams being dropped from the higher conference and the great teams being able to move up. The plan is a bit extreme, but I LOVE EXTREME, and this is good.

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