What a disgrace. I’ve never seen a worse coached Texas Aggie team then the one I watched today. Maybe the Aggie team that got drilled by OU a couple years ago, but tonight’s team was BAD. And you know what the two teams have in common? A horrible coach, Coach Fran…

I wanted to register, but somebody beat me to it. So I figured I’d register, but somebody got that one, too.

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  1. Shon

    Keep paying coach Fran 2 million per year.
    Roll Tide Roll

  2. jim

    Fran can recruit but he is in over his head in this league. if he does not fire TORBUSH it is time for the former students to replace the whole staff including byrne. Where the heck was Javorskie? Hey , torbush you dumbass …when you are on the ropes and they have the ball in a 3 and 8 you play bump and run rush 8 players…you don’t rush 4 and play zone…you did and they scored.

  3. BOOZINB 85

    I feel your pain. It’s time for that fool to be fired. What do you expect from a man who runs out on his players (alabama) like a thief in the night. Fire the bumb, and hire Gary Kubiak.

    BTW, suckx.

  4. nate

    we love coach fran

    wreck ’em

  5. jrowens

    Coach Fran disgraced himself for the way that he scooted out of Alabama. He promised his players that he would be there through the tough times of sanctions, then left in the middle of the night. His players found out from reporters that he was gone. He hired a moving company to come back and get his things. I am shocked that A&M fans every accepted him in the first place. He always made inexplicably bad calls at Bama and won there with other coach’s talent. He won at TCU thanks to Ladamien Tomlinson.

  6. T Martin

    It is past time to Fire Mr. Francione because Bill Byrne is the real problem since he won’t correct the error. The Longhorn fans are right — it’s Gary arnell because there isn’t any D. Why does A&M end up with so many washed up retreads.

  7. J Stanley

    I sat thru the Tech game today and keep asking myself why are we paying this man big money when he can’t coach! The man can’t even motivate the team. The natives are getting restless at College Station so Coach Fran better watch his back.

  8. Erik Weibust

    Howdy J Stanley,

    I’m with you. We pay Fat Fran some serious cash and he doesn’t earn it. Fire Fran! Fire Fran! Fire Fran!


  9. Hank Green

    He apparently can not be trusted. Why would any university put up with this man?

  10. Arrow Smith

    Apparently the aggies are fickle. The fan base sure let the BAMA fans know they had their Savior five years ago. Yeah whatever aggless’. To ever compare Franphony with Coach Bryant was STUPID. AGGIEONE you got your wish son. He is all yours. You Ags keep him, embrace him, and kiss his losing tail. I want to than Kim Franchione for wanting out of Tuscaloosa. We in Alabama hope we never see the Franchione ever again.
    That you Fran for letting go of that rope.

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