Eclipse And CVS Are Making Me Crazy…

I am going crazy trying to get an Eclipse Java Project into CVS and then built!

I have an Eclipse J2EE project that auto-builds just fine. I can use my build.xml file and also build/war/deploy the project without any problems. I then take this project and copy it out of Eclipse into a new dir on my hd. I take the newly moved project and push it into a local CVS. The newly created CVS project compiles and builds just fine outside of Eclipse with just my build.xml.

Here is where things start making me mad. I now move back to Eclipse and it’s CVS Repository Exploring Perspective and “check out” my project from CVS. Eclispe is unable to compile any of my classes. It’s failing on simple imports from various jars that are a part of my project. The jars are all there.

So here is where I would love some help. When I take my Eclipse project and push it into CVS should I be versioning my .project, .classpath, and the rest of the stuff that is specific to Eclipse? What about the name I’m giving my project when I check it into CVS, could that be the problem?

I would LOVE some insight here.

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  1. Nils


    you should version you .project, .classpath file in CVS too. Otherwise Eclipse loses information of how to setup dependencies between your projects (including the classpath information).

    By the way: instead of copying your project to another dir and version it outside of Eclipse you should use “Team -> Share Project” out of Eclipse’ context menu in the Navigator or Package explorer (right click on the entry of your *project*). Then Eclipse will help you versioning your project with some nice wizzards…

    Hope it helps,

  2. Arstan

    I also had given such task to solve .project and .classpath problem with CVS and Eclipse. So far I found how to ignore those files by entering the names into .cvsignore file. But this is to be done on every single module. My manager wants me to fix this once and for all.

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