Database Connection Pool Problem

Crap! I think I’ve got a bug hidden deep down in my code somewhere. I’m working on a project that uses JBoss for the web-container and Oracle as my db.

I’ve got my db connection parameters set (min=5, max=100, IdleTimeoutMinutes=5). I bounced my server about 36 hours ago and am seeing my AvailableConnectionCount steadily going down from 100 to 53 while my ConnectionCount has worked it’s way up to 48.

Thanks to the greatness of the JBoss JMX MBean Inspector I’m able to see all this information, live. I’m pretty certain that their is a bug somewhere because my ConnectionCreatedCount is 87, but with the ConnectionCount at 48 I can see some of my connections are making it back into the “available” pool.

Anybody got any ideas how I should go about tracking the bug down?

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  1. Thomas Risberg

    Do you have statement caching enabled? That might be the cause.

  2. Erik Weibust


    Without jumping in and Googling the subject, how do I know if stmt caching is enabled? Do I enable that via my *ds.xml file or is that done on the Oracle side?


  3. Andrew Goldfinch

    meh, JBoss, you get what you pay for.

  4. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Andrew,

    Thanks for stopping by. Jboss was an easy target on this one and I’m happy to say that I finished that project and moved on to a new client last December. I hate to say that the client is bringing me back for another project related to the same webapp running on the same Jboss server. So I’m afraid I’ll have to revisit the db conn issue again. Check back in a month or so for more updates.


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