Noah Said Something Funny…

Noah said something very funny and odd last night. I wasn’t gonna post it here but then I was reading Matt Raible’s blog and he had a post about the same topic, crazy things kids do. Instead of posting this there where my readers won’t see it I’m posting here.

Anyhow, last night Noah said something that made me do a double-take. It was one of those things that just doesn’t normally come out of a 3 year-old’s mouth. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t a cuss word (I’ll be in BIG trouble when he says his first). It was just and odd statement.

Noah said is a loud voice as he was running from the kitchen to greet me as I was walking in the door after work, “Daddy, I’ve got the knife!” Odd? A bit scary? After the double-take I immediately knew what he was talking about.

He has a toy food set. Hot Dogs, cookies, mustard, plates, silverware, etc. When he got it we took the toy knifes away from him. For whatever reason Katie gave him a play knife yesterday. Obviously, Noah was excited about his new toy.

“Daddy, I’ve got the knife!”

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  1. Brandon

    Very Funny Erik. Hope to see ya’ll soon.

  2. Katie

    Just to set the story straight…I didn’t GIVE him the knife! He found it and was sawing on the Erik was walking in…as I was trying to get it away from him…as Zachary was crying for me to hold him! I’m not a bad mom! 🙂 I don’t give my kids knives to play with!!!!

  3. Grampa

    Were you fighting Noah for the knife when you got the black eye,Katie?

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