Aggie Football Sucks…

Yup, the Aggies suck. And with all the talent on that team you have to blame the coaches. In case you missed it the Aggies were steam-rolled by Iowa State on Saturday. I’ve never seen a defense give up more 3rd and longs in my life. I’m really disgusted and don’t want to say much more. I’ll wrap by saying we won’t win another game this year.

Fire Coach Fran! Fire Coach Fran! Fire Coach Fran!

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  1. Mac

    You guys are getting what you asked for… Under the cloak of night, Fran-phoney slipped out of Tuscaloosa to take your Aggies illustrous position…The guy wouldn’t even come back to say goodbye to his own players!!! He let Torbush (another of your favorites) do the goodbye thing. Anyways, you asked for it, now deal with it… By the way, Roll Tide! 8-0! Thanks Aggies! We luv ya!

  2. old Ag

    You reap what you sow. If we’re lucky, they will run him out on a rail this season. Two things about Fran that speaks volumes to his character… he married a former high school student where he was assistant coach (oh, but it was way after she graduated, but he just doesn’t like to talk about it)….and Coach Fran has a designated towel boy to follow him around on the sideline on rain games to wipe his glasses off between plays.

  3. don ting

    A&M stinks.Coach Francione needs to leave now.
    the flaccid state of the football team reminds me of a unich’s wiener.

  4. michelle

    aggies suck and da longhorns rule and all ya aggie fans can go to jupiter!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jtechsan

    Yeah you are right the Aggies do suck. I just watched them run off the field with their tail between their legs after losing to the red raiders again! The only time they beat those guys is when they get lucky at home, but this time the best team won!! GO RAIDERS

  6. Robbie Szudzik


  7. Erik Weibust

    Calm down Robbie!

    This post is a year old! I picked the Ags to be 10-2 this year, and they are on pace to hit that.


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