Coach Fran is the Antichrist…

… and Coach Torbush is the Angel of Death.

And I’m just an Aggie fan that wants a well-coached team. We have a roster full of amazing talent, but it’s being coached for shit… Why does Jorvorskie Lane not get the ball on 3rd and 1, or any short yardage situation? I don’t give a crap what the defense is doing.

This weekend is gonna be real ugly… Look for Tech to post some record passing numbers.

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  1. Chad

    Wow. Guess the season isn’t going so well. If Urban Meyer had lost to Georgia, the Florida fans might have been a little more angry, too. Especially with Shockley being out.

    Maybe Coach Fran is going the Ron Zook route. Lose a bunch of games early, get the fans all crazy, then win a bunch of big (but meaningless) games at the end of the season.

  2. Dave F.

    Fire Coach(?) Fran now!!!! And make him return the big bucks he has been paid.

    Can we get R. C. back?

  3. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Chad…..

    It would be a HUGE understatement to say that this year has been a bit of a disappointment. Many people, including Kirk Herbstreit, picked the Aggies to win the whole Big 12. They’ll be lucky to get in a bowl game…..


  4. Old Ag

    Howdy Ags. Went to ISU game for my once a year Aggieland visit. Campus looks nice. Full stadium with Maroon everyone. What a site in the stands…but on the field…what a bunch of crap. We’ve become TCU. Getting our a$$ kicked and playing like we don’t care. I really couldn’t blame the thousands who packed it up with 12 min to go in the 4th quarter. Coach Fran is a carpetbagger. Time to quit kidding ourselves.

    The two things that were most obvious…lack of the old Aggie in your face running game (Bubba Bean, George Woodard, Curtis Dickey, Johnny Hector, Roger Vick, Dante Hall, GHT, Leland McElroy…man what a list…) and Carl Torbush’s no game defense. Defense was such a given with Aggie teams year in year out… why on earth is he trying to make his 80’s Tarheel 4 man front work? College game is too fast to be using 4 man front all day. Got to have fast linebackers all over the place. That used to be our strength.

    Time to cut our losses on this one.

  5. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Old Ag….

    Two things you said were dead on.

    1. Coach Fran IS A CARPETBAGGER! I agree 100%. If he ever turned things around here he’d be off and running to some other school in the dead of the night…

    2. We USED to have kick arse LBs and until we have that again we aren’t winning too many Big12 games.


  6. Old Ag

    And one more thing…. in my day, once we crossed mid-field we were in field goal range. Coach Fran punts from the 35 with wind at our back. The ball sails out of the end zone…what a surprise. Even Jackie had Craig Stump doing pooch kicks out of the shotgun.

  7. old Ag

    Today, let’s see how creative Torbush gets against Tech. I’ll bet he comes out with 4-2-5 and Tech has their way, deep, underneath LB’s, short, you name it.

    I give RC credit for the demise of Houston’s run-n-shoot. He gave the DL the week off and had all 11 guys on defense standing up. Nobody down. Back up LBs on the line. Speed everywhere. Guys on line dropping into coverage while LBs blitzed. Shut them down cold. Then everyone started doing it to UH and the rest is history. Torbush’s 4-2 or even 4-3 is not going to work against today’s college offenses. Offenses are too fast.

    tu dumped their defensive coordinator 2 years ago and brought in Robinson & now Chizik. Same story. Old school D just doesn’t cut the mustard.

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