Going to No Fluff Just Stuff Tomorrow…

I’m attending the No Fluff Just Stuff Conference this weekend in Dallas. I’ve been before and only have one complaint… There are way too many sessions to choose from.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I’ve seen a few reviews from people that have attended NFJS stops in other cites. Most people hit a Ruby session or two. I’ll probably catch at least one talk. I’m so clueless when it comes to Ruby I couldn’t even write a comment in Ruby if asked to.

I’ll also catch something from Venkat Subramaniam. He’s one of my favorite speakers. I’ve seen a number of his presentations at past NFJS shows and I also booked him at the local Dallas user group this past year.

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  1. Jeff Wild

    I attended one of these conferences last July and found it absolutely amazing. I took a quick look at the sessions offered there in Dallas this weekend and they are almost completely different than the choices I had in Des Moines. Dave Thomas is very good–his “Herding Racehorses and Racing Sheep” session is good. Anything by Venkat should be good. I wish I could catch his session on Groovy.

    Have fun!

  2. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Jeff,

    I’ve also heard good things about Dave Thomas’ “Hearding Racehorses” talk. I’ll see when it is scheduled. I’ve seen him talk before and he is good.

    I’m definitely catching Venkat’s talk on Groovy.


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