NFJS Day One…

You can sum today up as, “JSF Day.”

I spent all day in the same seat, in the same room, listening to the same speaker, David Geary, hearing about the same subject, JavaServer Faces. I attended “An Introduction to JavaServer Faces”, “Felix: A Bag of Tricks for JavaServer Faces”, and “Shale: The Next Struts.”

All three sessions were very good. David Geary is a great presenter. He is an expert on JSF and does a good job with the presentations. In all three sessions he did a good job of mixing code examples into the presentations.

I’ve only been working with Struts since the middle of the summer and am hardly a pro. I think I’ll be able to use JSF on my next project which I should begin on in early December. That should give me enough time to digest all the JSF stuff from this weekend and get through a couple JSF books.

One question I have is is anybody porting their existing applications from Struts to JSF? Are their any recommendations in where to start?

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