Why Buy a PowerBook or iBook…

Why would a person buy a new PowerBook or iBook? Yes, Apple has cut prices while adding better screens, better batteries, bigger harddrives, and they tossed in a SuperDrive on all models.


Apple is moving to Intel and I’m not sure that a PowerBook purchased today would be worth much once those Intel models come out. Has Apple said anything about the next version of OS X running on the PPC chip? Will Apple just keep maintaining Tiger for the PPC owners or will they release a version of their next OS for PPC?

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  1. Kris

    I have the same dilemma.

  2. Erin

    I just bought one two weeks ago. My thinking was that this was my last opportunity to buy one without feeling guilty about the new ones coming out imminently. 🙂 Rather than go for every bell and whistle, I just got the basic 15″ model from the Apple store. Instant gratification. I figure I’ll enjoy it for a year or two and then upgrade to the Intel model once they’ve been out for a few months and the reviews come in.

  3. x

    “I’m not sure that a PowerBook purchased today would be worth much once those Intel models come out.”

    Computers depreciate dramatically as soon as you buy them. A computer is an expense, not an investment. If you look at it that way, you don’t mind that the computer will be worthless when you replace it. All of them will. Even Apple’s shiney new Intel boxes will.

    Plus, if you buy a computer now, it won’t quit working when the Intel boxes come out. If you really want an Intel box and don’t need a computer now, wait. If you need a computer now and want one that will work fine for you for the next 2 or 3 years, buy one now.

  4. Mo

    Apple will release the next version(s) for the PPC chip, Apple has stated this. You can look at Apples history with the 68k–>PPC switch and see that Apple supported the 68K platform for years after the switch happened, and 68K machines actually held their value decently for their age.


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