Buying A New 60 GB iPod Video…

Do I need a new iPod? No. Is there something wrong with my 40 GB iPod? No. Am I out of space on my 40 GB iPod? No. Do I have a good reason for buying a new Video iPod? Yes. They’re cool as heck! Could be one of the coolest little toys/mp3 players, ever!

Yeah, I caved-in to the peer-pressure of mass-marketing. Apple is advertising the heck out of the new Video iPods. And they’re getting great reviews. So I’m buying one.

I’ve got a buyer for my old one and they’re giving me a good price, $200 for my iPod, accessories, and 5371 songs. Yeah, I practically just got it, but I’m a sucker for a new toy.

I’m going with the 60 GB model, but I’m still undecided on color. At first I was thinking black, but the white IS the real iPod color. Tough call. Check back here for my final decision and some pics.

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  1. Andy Hoffman

    If you didn’t have all those pictures the nano is pretty sweet. 🙂 Even better free he says rubbing it in.


  2. Erik Weibust

    Ha Ha…. Look at the big winner from JavaMUG last night rubbing it in that we won a iPod Nano…

    Yes, I’m jealous, but I’ll get over it when I shell out my $400 and have a shinny, new, Video-enabled iPod.


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