Got the Black One…

Black 5th Gen iPod

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I made the decision. It was tough. I went with the black iPod over the classic white one. Beautiful. That’s all I need to say to describe it.

I would like to say that Apple has gone bare-bones with these 5th Gen iPods. The box is no thicker then a few CDs stacked on top of each other. Apple doesn’t even include a charger! I’m not complaining. I understand Apple is just trying to get the price down, or keep it the same, while including feature after feature.

The new 5th Gen 60 GB iPod has: VIDEO, 30% thinner form-factor, better battery life, and album art. I’ll let Apple drop the charger.

What a toy!

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  1. Chad

    Do these iPods use the same charger as other iPods?

  2. Erik Weibust


    Tricky question to answer. The new 5th Gen iPods don’t even come with a charger. What they come with is a USB 2 adapter. As far as I can tell the cables are the same on these iPods as they were on the last few models. So if you have an old charger you should be able to use a cable with the charger.


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