Wilco Day!

We have a Wilco Day! Wilco released their 6th album today (8th if you count the collaborations with Billy Bragg) Kicking Television – Live in Chicago. Wilco is easily my favorite band. And since Chicago is my favorite city this album should be outstanding.

Kicking Television – Live in Chicago is obviously a live album. It was recorded on their just wrapped tour in support of their masterpiece A Ghost is Born. I caught Wilco’s stop in Houston last April. It was an awesome show. I hope the new record does the tour justice.

Anyhow, if you haven’t listened to Wilco you’re missing one of the best bands in American history. Grab a couple of their albums and if you dig their sound, if has evolved from album to album, pick up the Live record. I’ll be running to Best Buy at 10am to get my copy and I’ll post a review later in the day.

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