Much Overdue Bay Area Vacation Recap…

I’ve been dragging my feet on getting out this vacation recap. We did so much over the 4 days we were in the Bay Area that I knew this recap would turn into a novel.

Katie and I went to the Bay Area to visit my best friend Pete Cold, and his wife, Virg, Nov. 17-20.. We used their house as “home base” and were all over the Bay. We spent a couple days in and around San Fran. A long day of wine tasting (boozing) in Napa. And a few other places.

-Fly into San Jose
-Happy hour in Fremont
-Dinner in San Fran
-Dandy Warhols concert at The Fillmore
-Late night dinner/breakfast at the Grubsteak
Highlight- The Fillmore. That place is awesome!

-Trip to San Fran
-Lunch at the Swan Oyster Depot
-Tour Fort Point and pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge
-Went to park, Alamo Square (as a Texan I’m always on board with anything that says “Alamo”).
-Drove down the winding road (what is it’s name?)
-Over to walk around Fisherman’s Wharf
-Dinner at the Market Bar in the Ferry Building
-Wine at friend’s parent’s house
Highlight- A tie between dinner at the Market Bar (we sat outside and I had the Bay Bridge right in front of me) and the time we spent at Pete’s parents house drinking wine and visiting.

-Drove up to Napa
-Went to St Supery
-Went to Silver Oak
-Went to Peju
-Went to Cosentino
-Late dinner and wine at my friend’s house.
Highlight- All in all this was a perfect day. Each winery was great. Just good time with Katie and Pete and Virg.

-Relaxing morning
-Went to see a movie, “Walk the Line”
-Had lunch
-Flew home.
Highlight- “Walk the Line”. Great movie. Johnny Cash was a stud.

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