Spring in Winter…

I know it’s a corny title, but I couldn’t resist. Spring… Winter… Anyhow…

This will be a great week! A nice 2-day work week. Then I’m off to the Spring Experience on Wednesday morning.

I don’t have any real experience with Spring. I’ve seen numerous presentations on Spring. My interest was peaked last year at No Fluff Just Stuff. Then I saw a few talks over the year at JavaMUG and other local Java user groups. I caught a few more talks last month when NFJS was back in Dallas. I’ve also just finished reading Spring A Developers Handbook.

I figure after a whole 4 days at the Spring Experience I should be ready to start using Spring. I guess I’ll spend the next two days trying to figure out what sessions to attend. If you have any suggestions please let me know….

As of now, the only presentation I’m sure I’ll be hitting is Matt Raible’s session on Developing Web Applications with Spring and Laszlo. First, because my company has been pushing Flex on our customers and Laszlo is about $10K/CPU cheaper. And secondly, because I’ve been reading Matt’s blog for a couple two or three years and I’m anxious to meet him.

I will certainly see one of Rod Johnson’s sessions. And I’ll make sure to catch one of Keith Donald’s talks. I saw Keith present for the first time last month at NFJS. He did a couple of presentations on building enterprise web apps with Spring. I really liked his “build it as we go” style. They were the kind of talks where you start with a blank project and finish the session with a working web app. Good Stuff.

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