Urlacher was a Monster and Michael Vick Sucks…

Let me start by addressing my negative statement. Michael Vick sucks! I truly believe that. Yes, the guy has an amazing arm. Yes, the guy has moves like Barry Sanders. Yes, the guy is fast. Yes, the guy is strong. And you would think that when you have all that in one guy you would have a super QB. Not with Michael Vick. The guy is just a below average QB. His stats are horrible, other then his rushing yardage for a QB. I am so glad he isn’t QBing the Bears.

Now to the positive part of my post. Brian Urlacher is a stud! The Bears Defense was amazing last night and Urlacher was the cornerstone. He owned Michael Vick last night. This year being healthy Brian Urlacher is playing MVP caliper defense.

Look out for the Chicago Bears in the playoffs because they are ready.

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  1. peter c

    are you saying:
    michael vick == reggie mcneal


  2. Erik Weibust


    michael vick != reggie mcneal

    michael vick lt reggie mcneal

  3. Mark

    I’ve seen the stats that compare pocket passers and scramblers and Vick is in very good company; for his style. Remember Randall Cunningham? And before you say it, yes Steve Young was a great scrambler but that wasn’t his main weapon.

    Personally I think it comes down to the internal clock of the QB. Pocket QBs read their progressions and then take a step to avoid the rush in order to buy more time. Scramblers stop looking and automatically snap into “gotta run now” mode.

    The second thought process can be defended against alot easier then the first. And let’s not forgot that pocket types can run if the D is not looking for it. Heck Brady out rushed McGahee and Brady by his own admission is slow.

    Getting back to Vick, the Pats basically play him the same each time. Have a controlled rush which takes away his running lanes and make him throw. And the Pat’s are not the only ones.

  4. Erik Weibust

    I don’t want to start rattling off Vick’s stats, but they are horrible. I don’t care if we’re talking about pocket passers, or runners. And he is HORRIBLE running the West Coast Offense. Go back and look at his stats.


    In 9 of his 13 starts he has 15 or less completions! Pitiful. That wouldn’t fly on most high school teams where I come from.


  5. Mark

    Of those 9 games which you speak, the Falcon’s won 7 games. Not bad if you ask me. By comparison, of the games that he completed 16 or more…. they went 1 and 4. What’s scary is when you compare his QB rating during that 4 games.
    Win – 22 comp = 102.6 RAT
    Loss – 20 comp = 108.9 RAT
    Loss – 21 comp = 99.2 RAT
    Loss – 17 comp = 25.8 RAT

    Without digging alittle deeper you would think he was one of the greats.

    Vick’s best stat day….

    Comp 20 Attp 30 Yrd 209 Comp% 66.7 LNG 21 TD 2 INT 0 RAT 108.9 Att Rush 7 Yrds Rush 20 Avg Rush 2.9 TD 1

    …was against the GNB, and they lost 33-25.

    So do I agree that he sucks, sorry no. Do I believe he is a serious weapon when used correctly? Absolutely. Would I trade him for Brady? No way in H$@@.


  6. Mike

    Vick is an awesome runner but as Mark points out when he has to throw the ball and the pressure is on him the team losses. Whats funny is how people keep defending Vick for his snail like progress as a QB saying it takes 5 or more years to learn the offense…5 or more years? Show me any team that lets a QB put up Vick like numbers for more than 3 years and they let the guy stick around.

  7. Justin

    Urlacher is the best and vick sucks,vick is the most ovverrated player ever

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