This Makes Me SICK…

This makes me SICK! Read “Hundreds gather for Williams’ funeral” on to see what I’m talking about. Stanley Williams was one of the worst things to happen to this country/world. He was the father of “gangs” by forming the Crips. He murdered 4 people. A store clerk in Feb. 1979 and then a couple and their daughter in Mar. 1979.

The liberal media and celebrities that are supporting this man are a disgrace! I read a quote from Jesse Jackson saying, “Tookie is dead. We’re not safer, we’re not more secure, we’re not more humane.” I wonder if Jackson would have said the same things if one of his loved ones was working behind the counter the night Williams decided to rob the convenient store?

I only wish that the next time a gang member, or better yet, anyone, was about to commit a murder they would think, “hey, do I want to be executed 20 years from now for this?” That would be Capital Punishment working.

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  1. David

    Yet Charles Manson sits behind bars and even has parole hearings. Of course the right wingers wouldn’t want us to discuss a white man in prison whose crimes are even more henious. How about you righties pursue a list people who should be executed but aren’t – of course you won’t see that happen ya’ll are too busy getting all upset about the injustice done by a black man “in a gang”.

    You do make note of “gang members” then correct yourself. Do you have to be in a gang before you should be executed? Do you attribute gangs to race therefore it’s okay to execute someone in a gang? I’m just curious what motivated to you mention gangs specifically. Harsh, yes, but sit on the otherside of the fence sometime and try to explain how Manson gets parole hearings and Tookie was executed.

  2. Erik Weibust


    This is not a black or white thing. This is a disgusting show by the liberal media and some really screwed up celebrities supporting somebody that absolutely got a just punishment.

    Nobody should sit on death row for 20 years. There needs to be some reform with the system. It should be something like a year with one appeal at each level of the legal system.

    Lastly, gangs are bad. They’ve done horrible things with the youth/teens/young-adults in this country. Williams being their leader/creator was despicable.


  3. Josh


    There are plenty of people of all races rotting in prison whom should have been condemned to die for the violent crimes they committed, and Manson is certainly one of them. I’d like to entertain your argument for a few moments and just ask you a few simple questions, only because I’m curious as to what you really think. If Manson were to be tried again in a court of law and this time sentenced to death, do you think the media would spend a solid week or more before his execution date portraying the whole thing as an injustice?

    Would you cry out in support of Manson? If your answer is no, then can you please explain why the lives he took (either directly or indirectly) were any more important than those taken by Williams?

    If your answer is yes, then it would seem that you oppose the death penalty in general, so it is not altogether clear to me why you would introduce race as an argument against conservative views in the first place.

    Your argument explicitly suggeststs that conservative folks did not rush to the aid of Mr. Williams, simply because he was an African American. Do you think these same conservative folks would then rush to the aid of Manson just before his execution, and call it an injustice simply because he’s Caucasian?

    My point is that your calling the conservative apathy towards “The Stanley Williams Cause” an issue of race is a comlplete and total cop out. You know as well as I do that you would see the exact same conservative apathy towards the “Charles Manson Cause”. As a proponent of using the death penalty to serve as a deterrant to violent crimes such as murder, it’s my belief (the generally conservative belief) that both men equally deserve to die – because they are murderers – period.

    If you don’t think anyone should be condemned to death for such crimes, then you are an opponent of the death penalty in general and in my opinion you’d be far more effective making THAT argument instead, as you’d be able to present a far better case than the one you’ve presented here.

  4. Pete

    looks like we struck a nerve here on the hmm….

    i’m with you weibust, if you kill 4 people you’re asking for the same fate….black, white, green, or purple.

  5. Erik Weibust

    Can I get an Amen!

    And Peter lives out there on the “left coast”.


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