Santa Was Good To Me…

Just thought I would let you know that Santa was good to me.

A few of the things he left me:
Norelco Cool Skin 7775 electric razor
Pennsylvania Flyer Lionel Train Set
Bialetti Coffeemaker
Black 30 GB iPod Video

I gotta rub it in and comment on the iPod. The owner of my company got EVERYONE that works for him an iPod. What’s cool about it is he got them engraved with the employee’s name and our company name. Easily the best gift I’ve ever been given by a boss.

Now that I’ve bragged about some of the stuff I got; why don’t you let me know what ya’ll got. Fell free to leave it here in the comments or just throw it up on your own blog.

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  1. Mark

    Trainset looks very cool but I think Zack (mine not yours) got you beat. Santa brought him Geotrax. 😉

    As for the Coffee maker, I can tell you don’t live in an area where there are alot of Portuguese. Heck my wife must have at least 10 different sizes of them. Its not official but I think its a national law that you must have at least two in the house at all times or they’ll come and take you away. Heck my wife had to go to school just so she could obtain a license to buy the large size. ;;-)

    That leaves the iPod. Sorry but I would sell it and use the earnings as a down payment on our house. ;;;-)

    BTW, if you couldn’t tell, the above were supposed to be funny and were not meant to insult. And yes I’ll post my gifts later today so you can make fun of them. 😉

  2. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Mark,

    My son Noah got a nice Geotrax set. It’s very nice, but he’s more of a Thomas the Train guy I think.

    The coffeemaker rules. I’m jealous you got more then one.

    And the iPod is a thing of beauty! Pricey, but Santa really didn’t pay for it, my boss did!

    I’ll be looking for your list.


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