Burning Through my Tivo Queue…

I’ve got some random stuff filling up my Tivo queue so I’ve been burning through it tonight.

First, I watched a SNL repeat that had Metallica as the musical guest. This was back when they were promoting Load. The two performances were good, but they just aren’t the same band since they cut their hair short. 🙂

Secondly, I watched an Audioslave concert special from a show they did in Cuba. It was only 30 minutes of coverage, but it got the point across. Audioslave was excited to be playing there and the fans were happy to have them. The energy Audioslave put into the show was awesome. They ROCK! I can’t believe I just got their two records a few months ago. They’re both awesome. Try to catch the show if you can. It’s running on FUSE.

The last show I just finished watching was an episode of Austin City Limits with Coldplay. AMAZING! Coldplay is badass as well as Austin City Limits. The show Coldplay did was a gem. I’ve kept the show and will watch it many times. I’d have to say my favorite part of the show was them playing “Ring of Fire” easily one of my favoritie songs. They also did a great cover of “Nightswimming” along with Michael Stipe. I urge you to get a season pass to Austin City Limits. You are missing some amazing music if you haven’t been watching.

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