BCS Championship Game Prediction…

I was planning on posting my BCS championship predictions next week, but Chad Baker at Gatorrace has called me out and asked for my USC – tu prediction. So here goes, I’ll list my BCS picks here for the world to see.

Fiesta Bowl
Notre Dame (9-2) vs. Ohio State (9-2)
Give me the Fightin’ Irish. I must note that Notre Dame is easily my 2nd favorite college sports team. Until mid-way through college they were still favored over my beloved Fightin’ Texas Aggies (do you like how I sneak the Aggies into a post on BCS football?)

Sugar Bowl
West Virginia (10-1) vs. Georgia (10-2)
I’ve got the Bulldogs winning this one in a blowout. After dropping two in a row the Bulldogs finished strong beating LSU to win the SEC Championship. And LSU is a much better team then W Virg so look for a blowout.

Orange Bowl
Penn State (10-1) vs. Florida State (8-4)
Congrats to Joe Pa and the Nittany Lions. They will roll FL St and Joe Pa will show Coach Bowden who is the better coach. Time to hang it up Bobby B. you’re past your prime.

Rose Bowl
USC (12-0) vs. tu (12-0)
I would love to say that USC will push tu around on Wed night, but that would be stupid of me. I will say that USC will beat tu. And I’ll also make my hot sports opinion about Vince Young here for the world to see. Vince Young SUCKS! He will look bad in the Rose Bowl and he’ll be a flop in the NFL. He’s a good college QB, but he doesn’t have NFL QB skills. He’s a bad version of Michael Vick, and I’ve made my opinion about Vick very clear. GO TROJANS!

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  1. Chad

    Uh-oh… 0-2 so far (so was I). Does this mean that Texas might actually have a chance?

  2. Erik Weibust

    Yeah, I’m not too proud with my picks. I’m pretty comfortable with my Penn St pick and I have no doubts about USC. Lets hope I can finish at .500.


  3. pete

    i think that this is actually the first time you have admitted to liking the ags more than frickin’ notre dame. surprisingly, this comes in a season where the ags suck and nd did ok. what gives? are you just a gluttin for punishment?

  4. aleck

    “Vince Young SUCKS!”

    So do you still believe that?

  5. Erik Weibust

    Aleck, what’s up?

    Yes, I do believe V Young sucks(note the lowercase spelling) He is a M Vick style QB which doesn’t work in the NFL.

    Go Aggies!


  6. Danny

    How do you put Georgia in a bowl game when they did not win the SEC confrence? I am an Ole miss fan, but I think LSU is more deserving of a bowl game.

  7. Erik Weibust

    Danny…. Relax… This was from last year. 🙂 Check back in the next couple days for my opinions on the 2007 Bowl Season.

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