Spring Dallas Users Group Says Hello World…

I’m excited to say that the Spring Dallas Users Group says, “Hello World”…

Andy Hoffman and myself have decided that it’s time for us to end our leadership roles with the J2EESig and move on to something that has completely grabbed our interest. Therefore, we have formed the Spring Dallas Users Group with the intent of increasing our knowledge of the Spring Framework, as well as those people in the Dallas area that want to participate.

The Spring Dallas Users Group will be meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, starting next week, 1/18/06. We will be using the same location that we used for the J2EESig, Nerdbooks bookstore in Richardson.

Most importantly, our first speaker is Craig Walls, author of Spring in Action. Craig will be doing a “Introduction to Spring” talk to lay the foundation for the next several months.

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  1. Bob Withers

    Hi Erik,

    This sounds great – could you post the times of the meeting.

    Look forward to seeing you there.


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