Sad, Sad Bears Fans…

I’m one sad, sad Bears fan today. Besides Cubs baseball, and Aggie football, there isn’t a sports team I love more then the Chicago Bears. And boy did they break my heart yesterday; losing 29 – 21 to the Carolina Panthers.

Their defense fell apart against the Panthers. Other then the mighty Brian Urlacher there really shouldn’t be a proud player on the Bear’s D today. And the offense was really clicking. If you would have told me the Bears were gonna score 21 points I would have bet an easy $1000 they would win.

The positive is that for the most part the whole team should be back next year. With Benson in camp they should be dangerous. I’d like to see them trade Jones this offseason and add a strong DB. With a move like that I’ll pencil them straight into Super Bowl XXXXI(a year from now this link will list the Bears as the NFC Super Bowl representative, you mark my words).

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