Inaugural Meeting of Spring Dallas User Group Tonight…

Tonight is the first meeting for the Spring Dallas UG. I posted the details for tonight’s meeting over on the Spring Dallas UG site. I’ll briefly say that Andy and I booked Craig Walls to give all the newbies a “Spring Basics” talk.

We are hoping that turnout is good. Actually, we hope it’s better then good. With us ending the J2EESig, and keeping the same time and location of the J2EESig we hope to keep all of the regulars from that group. AND pick up some new members. We hope to get a mix of people that are completely new to Spring as well as some Spring veterans.

Tonight’s meeting is important because we are gonna take feedback from the attendees on how they want the group to work. We are open to all ideas. We’ve run a “hands-on” lab style group and done plenty of “lecture” only talks. I’m guessing we’ll just go with a good balance. Maybe one month to lecture and then follow it up the next month with some solid coding examples. I guess crowd size might also decide what direction we go.

Anyhow, if you are in the Dallas area come to Nerdbooks tonight to hear Craig Walls give a “Spring Basics” talk.

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  1. Lance Hankins

    Wow… what a small world… our office is just 2-3 miles from Nerd Books. See you there 😉

  2. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Lance…

    Hmm… Are you off of Campbell? I worked at Custom Credit Systems on the corner of Campbell and Greenville previously and spent many lunches in a leather chair at Nerdbooks reading the latest and greatest…

    See you tonight at the meeting.


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