Should I Admit That…

Should I admit that I just subscribed to The Bachelor Recaps feed? Oops. I guess I just did. Oh well, I’m married and my wife makes me watch The Bachelor. It’s not too bad if you like uneasy, awkward, tense moments involving attractive women.

Every season ends up the same. If it’s a show with one guy and a bunch of girls the girls all end up hating each other by the end of the show. And, if it’s a show with one girl and a bunch of guys the guys all end up being buddies by the end. Why? I’ll pass on answering that and just say it amuses me that it does happen every time.

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  2. Mark

    “I’m married and my wife makes me watch”

    (cough) leave the room (cough) go use the PC (cough) go read a book (cough) etc etc etc.

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