Google Adsense vs. Yahoo! Publisher Network

So I’ve moved my ads from Google Adsense to Yahoo! Publisher Network. I have to admit I wasn’t getting rich from Google Ads and don’t plan on getting rich now that I’ve moved to the Yahoo! Publisher Network ads.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the Yahoo! ads don’t seem to be coming anywhere close to matching up with my content. Take for instance the posts I’ve made recently about the Dallas Spring Users Group. YPN thinks my readers are actually interested in buying friggin’ springs! I’m talking metal springs that you would use for building something. Lets see if the ads get better after a few days. If not, I’ll move back to Google. In the meantime can you start clicking the hell out of my ads? (Did I type that? I hope not. I meant to just think that in my head) …

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  1. Mark

    Don’t use it myself but I have heard good things about it. As always YMMV.

    www dot crispads dot com

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