Spring Dallas UG Was a HUGE Success…

I am happy to say that the first meeting of the Spring Dallas UG was a HUGE success! The turnout was awesome! I counted 58 people (including Craig, me and Andy). The only problem was that we didn’t have enough chairs setup and had to keep running into the storage room to get more.

Craig Walls “Spring Basics” talk was great. A very gentle introduction to the Spring Framework. He covered the basics of Dependency Injection and AOP with equal parts theory and code examples. His code examples were fun and original. He used Musician, Instrument, Band (Ensemble), and Agent objects to show Dependency Injection and AOP advice “In Action” (yeah I guess that was a plug for his publisher, Manning). The example moved slow (in a good way) making sure everyone “kept up.”

Now I need to get to work on the Spring Dallas UG site. Andy and I need to get some Spring resources listed, add links to Spring related blogs, and “skin” the site with a Spring theme (something with different shades of green). Oh yeah, we also need to book speakers and pick topics for the next several months. Fun. Fun. Fun.

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  1. Suresh Balaraman

    It was great success, I agree. It would be even better if we can collect all the artifacts like presentations available for reference in an archive and made available online.


  2. Craig Walls

    Erik: I agree that it was a huge success. Thanks for inviting me to speak. It was a blast.

    Suresh: Sometime in the next day or two, I’m going to zip up my slides and the example code that I developed during the presentation and make it available to Erik and Andy to publish wherever they want to publish it. Stay tuned…

  3. Erik Weibust


    As Craig said, when he gets the content ready I will push it out to the springdallasug.org site.


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