What if Iran is Telling the Truth???

What if Iran is telling the truth? Their leader in a prepared statement said that Iran was prepared to eliminate Israel (none of that was in quotes because I don’t know the exact wording, google it and you can know what he said). Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad literally said he wanted to destroy/eliminate another country!

Imagine if you wake up and the morning news is showing footage of President George Bush saying something like, “We will destroy Syria.” First, the Syrian government would be pissed. They would be trying to get the rest of the world up in arms (hopefully, not literally) taking their side. Second, people here in the US would be split. Some would be saying that we (the US) have to now destroy Syria, or we will look weak. They’ll argue we have to do what we say we are gonna do or we won’t be taken seriously.

Even more alarming then what Iran’s president is saying, his actions are flat-out frightening. Iran is frantically working to build nuclear weapons. Couple that with Iran’s goal of destroying Israel and we (the world) have an ugly situation. Iran’s has also stated that they will share their nuclear weapons with the rest of the Middle East.

What happens if Iran creates a nuclear weapon? Should they be stopped now? What happens if Iran nukes Israel?

Yes, I have started listening to politically-charged talk radio again.

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  1. Chad

    It sounds like France is ready to join in on the fun and use what nuclear weapons they have against Iran. Or maybe they were just saying that if anyone tried to invade France, then they would use them. I don’t know.

    In any event, I imagine our incompetent president has his people on the situation and we’ll know exactly when and where Iran has their nukes pointed at somebody. It’s definitely a situation that needs to be handled.

    At this point, maybe Bin Laden will help us negotiate with Iran. He seems to be in a giving mood lately.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Funny Chad, except for your jab at OUR President.

    My main point, if you couldn’t find it in there with all the other junk I was spewing, was that it’s AMAZING that a world leader could make such a threat like that (destroying Israel) and not get seriously reprimanded by the world community.


  3. Mark

    Let’s see Cruschev(sp?) said he would destroy the US without firing a shot. North and South Korea have long wanted the other dead. Korea…the same. And on and on the list goes of people saying they want another nation wiped from the planet.

    I’m sorry but I guess I’ve grown numb especially when it comes to the middle east.

    Oh do I long for a day when the US can “speak softly and carrry a big stick.” Oh well.

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