Confirmation of Judge Alito is a Done Deal…

The confirmation of Judge Alito appears to be a done deal. All that is left is the official vote in favor of Alito with a simple majority.

How quick will he be able to outlaw abortion and same-sex marriages? My answer, not soon enough. How quick will he get the criminal anti-American Teddy Kennedy in jail for one of his many offenses? Not soon enough.

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  1. pete

    outlaw abortion and same-sex marriages?

    why do these need to be outlawed. why can’t everyone be free to make their own decisions?

    if i didn’t know any better, i’d peg you in the ‘crazy religious zealot’ group. this would force me to totally ignore anything you say….oh wait….i already mostly do that 🙂

  2. Erik Weibust

    hardly a zealot. just someone that knows it isn’t fair to kill an unborn child. if some lady wants to go out whoring around and gets pregnant she doesn’t have the right to kill the child she has growing in her stomach…


  3. pete

    i can value your opinion there, but that’s all it is. even if row v. wade is overturned, it will still be a state decision. watch what happens to inner city crime when the crack whore in houston can’t get an abortion because she can’t afford to fly to California to get it done. Do you think crack babies are better off being born? That’s probably debatable.

    and gay marriage? the only motivator to be against that is religion. that’s even the argument used by the president! why can’t homo’s be happy and find love too? it doesn’t effect my life (or yours!).

  4. Frank Merenda

    Hi Pete! I’m Frank, a friend of Erik (online) for a few years now.

    And I agree with *you* on these issues, completely. 🙂 Erik knows that, though. 😉 And he still talks to me. 🙂

    Hi Erik, no time no talk! I hope you are doing well.

    – Frank the tattooed vegan liberal

  5. pete

    Hi Frank-
    I’m erik’s hippy roommate from college that lives in wacky san francisco. i’ve just about lost hope on changing his mind (on anything! not just these issues). i like the guy too much not to try tho!

    Like, in a totally not gay way, of course. 🙂

  6. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Frank….

    You and Pete on opposite sides of the country are probably on the same (wrong) side of the political fence. 🙂 Frank, if you, Pete, and Tony Steidler teamed up I’m afraid ya’ll would be a dangerous trio for me to debate.

    Here’s to all of us being free to have our own opinion…


  7. pete

    ahhh….you just made our argument for us:

    “Here’s to all of us being free to have our own opinion…”

    If things are outlawed or banished by our government, how exactly are we free to draw our own opinions?

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