VEGAS BABY! VEGAS! I’m going to Las Vegas tomorrow. I’m taking my lovely wife for the weekend to celebrate her 30th birthday. We leave at the crack of dawn (7am) and get back to Dallas very late on Saturday night/ Sunday morning.

We’re staying right in the middle of the strip at the Flamingo. I love that casino. How can you beat a casino that has a bunch of flamingos and penguins running around their backyard? Anyhow, we’re meeting my sister (Julie) and brother-in-law (Chris), and one of Katie’s best friends from college (Melissa) and her fiance (Brian). The 6 of us will have much fun drinking, gambling, eating, and relaxing.

We don’t really have any plans so if anybody wants to make some restaurant or attraction recommendations I will consider them all. I’ve been a number of times but I know there is so much I still haven’t seen.

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  1. Brandon

    Have fun Erik. Sorry we couldn’t join you. Tell Katie Happy Birthday for us.

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