Look Where Erik Ranks…

I was reading Erik Thauvin’s blog and saw that he was happy (bragging) that he made it to number 1 on Yahoo! Search. Well, considering I have the same name as Erik, Erik, I thought I’d see how far down the list I am….

WOW!!!! I made it into the Top-10! This lame-arce thing called Erik’s Hmm made it to number 9! I don’t know what that says about dudes named Erik? I guess there is Erik Thauvin, Erik Hatcher, Erik Estrada, and ERIK WEIBUST….. Too funny.

Proof here.

Now I wonder why Google doesn’t give me this kind of respect?

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  1. Erik Weibust


    You need to do a search for Mark. Tell me where that shows up.

    If I search for Eriks Hmm it shows up number one. Seaching on a simple first name alone is a differnt story.


  2. Erik C. Thauvin

    You’re #1 in my book. Now… Where did that book go already? 😉


    P.S. I was #1 on Google a couple years ago. I hover between 1 and 2 right now. I must be slipping.

  3. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Erik,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m jealous of your Google rank. I think they dock me for having my name as a subdomain. If it was in my domain name I assume I would be up a bit higher. Oh well, no biggie.


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