Blingo was it’s Name-O..

So I’ve finally joined the Blingo craze! And boy am I excited. It’s like being a contestant on The Price is Right.

If you use Blingo instead of Google for your web searching you win free stuff. It’s that easy! And, there are Blingo plugins for most browsers so you can search the same way you were before.

And don’t get all nervous thinking you’re dumping Google for some new crappy search site. Blingo USES Google for it’s searches. The difference is that Blingo is giving back some of the money they make from their ads . Google gives their money to people using AdSense among other things.

Anyhow, click the link below to sign up and then feel free to win some free stuff!


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  1. Chad

    I’m still hoping for the Sony PSP (the $250 Visa Gift Card would be nice, too). Thanks for joining!

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