Now That I’m Using Blingo…

I have a question about Blingo and using Blingo to do searches. Can I get away with using the verb “blingoing” when I’m talking about doing a web search with Blingo like people use googling with Google?

When I Blingo blingoing I get the following:
AliBlog: … Like a Hole in the Head
SuperNaturale \ Glitter \ View topic – HELP! WHats this song???
stripcreator : golfwidow : Life as a Golf Widow

So that is 3 uses of blingoing on the web. This page will make 4.

One last note. When spell-checking this page in GMail it complained about both googling and blingoing.

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  1. Alison

    In their blingo blog, the folks at blingo linked to my “Ali Needs” post that uses the word blingoing as a verb … so they must not have too much of an issue with it.

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