Cleric Offers Bounty on Cartoonist

Headline: Cleric Offers Bounty on Cartoonist.

I saw this headline on yahoo via the AP. It makes me SICK! If a Christian pastor/priest/minister was to put a bounty on a offensive “insert whatever you want” people would freak.

The difference here is that Christianity is a religion based on love and kindness. Islam preaches hate to all non-Muslims. All the crap about killing the unbelievers. Christians want to convert the lost souls over to Christianity, not KILL them.

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  1. Joe Schmoe

    So, what makes you a person of enlightened knowledge on both religions to come to the conclusions that “Christianity is a religion based on love and kindness. Islam preaches hate to all non-Muslims.”

    Where did you get this fact from? How did you come to this conclusion? Obviously you know nothing about Islam to say that? Do you know who that cleric is? Did you know that in the Islamic world he’s an equivelent of Osama Bin Laden. Or do you think that Osama Bin Laden represents all Muslims views too?

    It was very disheartening to see you make a bigotted statement like that. Seeing the AP article made me think about people like you who read it and come to those conclusions. Seeing your comments only to confirm it made me SICK!!

  2. Erik Weibust

    Thanks for the comment Joe,

    I’m a Christian. I know a lot about Christianity. I plan to learn more about Islam. I hear a lot on the news and in print. I see the same theme over and over. Lunatic Muslims (not all, most likely a small percent) are preaching death to American and Christians. They are burning flags and crosses.

    What would be nice, would be coverage of Muslims speaking out against the terrorist Muslims. Muslims preaching peace and love. Muslims saying the suicide bombers are wrong. I’m not saying there aren’t Muslims speaking out against terrorists. The only thing I see on TV or read about in papers is negative press.


  3. Joe Schmoe

    Thanks for the reply Erik,

    I appreciate you explaining your point of view and I respect it very much. There are many muslims out there who do speak out against this madness. The problem is, the press coverage is not equal. There is no such thing as Public Relations for Islam in America. No one person, country, political group can claim to represent the most diverse religion. There is no supreme Church or Vatican. Muslims generally are to humble or righteously selfish to particpate in politics. People in Islamic Countries, under currupt political leaders empowered by the West, are blinded to see the whole picture. You gotta ask, where did those Afghanis get Dutch flags to burn 24 hours later to burn in front of CNN?

    As far as suicide bombers go. Where are they? Palestine – A country where if you speak out against illegal occupation you get arested by the occupiers. Wheres the balance in the press there?

    Muslims around the world recognize the West’s unbalanced foreign policy. Unfortunately, these terrorist use it to their advantage.

    The rest of the world is to stupid to see how currupt and unblanaced things are. Watch Syriana, Munich or Kingdom of Heaven to get a better understanding on what/why certain things are better to not be talked about.

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