I Don’t Get del.icio.us..

I don’t get the “big deal” with del.icio.us? What is the point? What is so “cool” about it? Why do I need to use it? I really don’t see the benefit. Is it just a over-engineered online bookmark manager? Please, somebody explain.

Also, no offense to the majority of “tech” bloggers out there, but I HATE that you publish your del.icio.us links is your rss feeds? What is the point of that? Can you not just create another feed that only contains your del.icio.us links? Is it a competition on who can post the most links, or the best links, or the most obscure links?

Sorry, if this offended anyone, but I just don’t see the selling point of del.icio.us. Please, please, please tell me what I’m missing.

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  1. Guillermo Castro

    At first I didn’t understand del.icio.us either. But after installing the firefox plugin, I am very happy with it now. You see, delicious really is just a over-engineered online bookmark manager. The cool thing about it (and why I use it more recently) is that it offers a way to store your bookmars and use them from any browser/OS combination you might have (I frequently bookmark something at work to read later at home, on a different computer). The other thing is that your bookmarks become part of the community, so you can see how many other people found the same link, and how they tagged it.

    So, if you have nothing else to do, you can look at the popular links to see what people are interested in (or look popular links for a particular topic).

  2. Anjan Bacchu

    hi erik,

    I’ve been using delicious for a while now. I bookmark stuff which can be accessed from work, home, notepad and shared with others.

    Also, when you search for an item on delicious, you will get
    1) your results PLUS
    2) others’s results.

    Many(most of the) a time, others’ bookmarks are better than mine. Since most of the guys who are on delicious are > average and some of them are very knowledgeable, using someone else’s bookmarks can be very useful.

    In fact, if you’re using firefox, you can set your search engine to be delicious. That can speed up some of your re-search projects.


  3. Robert Williams

    I like delicious because it makes it easy to explore other sites like the ones I’ve bookmarked. It also lets me explore the bookmarks belonging to people who have bookmarked the same sites I have. I’ve found lots of great sites that way.

  4. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Newcomers….

    So what all three of ya’ll are saying is in-line with my thought that delicious is nothing more then a glorified bookmark engine. I’ll take a further look. That said, I still hate that people are publishing their delicious bookmarks via rss.


  5. Mark


    I use it for a place to store my story links for my sports podcast. For me it simplifies a step in my show note production. Instead of creating seperate html files for each show, and then make sure to upload them and get the name right, I just dump everything into delicious and just point my audience there. It also allows my co-host(s) to add stories to the show notes without any intervention from me.

    just my $0.02

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