Back in College – Learning Spring…

I forgot to mention that I’ve gone back to college. I’m taking an Intro to Spring class at Collin County Community College. It’s not a “real” college class, it’s in CCCC’s Continuing Education program, but it’s still cool to see Spring show up on a college campus.

The best part about the class is it’s instructor, Craig Walls. With Craig, I know I’m getting somebody that knows Spring. Back-in-the-day when I was at A&M, I swear I sometimes knew more about the subject then the teacher, or had a teacher that didn’t care about the subject. Craig, is excited about Spring, and he is doing a good job getting the rest of the class excited.

My only complaint with the class is that there aren’t any homework assignments or tests. With homework and tests you are forced to learn everything that is a part of the class. You can’t pick and choose what YOU think is important.

Yes, I’ll admit it. A big reason for me taking this class was that I needed some material to take back to the Spring Dallas Users Group. I figured that I could take some of Craig’s lessons and turn them into sessions I could lead for the group.

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