Making Abortions Illegal…

Great News! There is a possibility that abortions will be ILLEGAL in South Dakota. With an exception in place if the mother’s life is at risk. I think the vote is slated for June 6, 2006. Read more about the ban in this New York Times article.

I would like to see definitions of what, “mother’s life at risk”, means before I completely say I’m in favor of the bill. But, from what I’ve read this looks like good news for babies in South Dakota.

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  1. nikole

    i don’t think that abortions should be legal unless you were forced to have sex and they get you pregnant or you are too young or have a medical reason and it puts the pregant person in danger. people think that its an easy way out of your problem and you don’t want to step up to the plate and take care of your responsibility.

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