We Took The Boys to Sesame Street Live…

Katie and I took the boys to Sesame Street Live today. Wild. Crazy. Noisy. Fun. Those are some words that sum the trip up. Noah loved it. He had popcorn, a pretzel, and cotton candy. Zach had a love/hate thing with it. Katie and I had fun, too. I’m sure we’ll be doing this kind of thing a lot, in the future.

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  1. Mark

    Good to see you posting this. Now that our Zachary is nearly 2, and he knows by site almost every character, we had thought about taking him.

    You may have just pushed him over the top. Thx.

  2. Erik Weibust


    You definitely need to take your Zachary to see the show. We went with some frieds who have a 18 month old girl and she loved it.


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