Tomcat Admin Webapp…

Am I crazy? I can’t find any good documentation on installing/deploying the Tomcat admin webapp. I would greatly appreciate some pointers/tips. At least a url to some good documentation. Please. Please. Please.

I’m running Tomcat 5.5.9. on a Win XP box.

Muchos gracias!

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  1. pete

    don’t you just download and deploy like you would any other web ap?

  2. Erik Weibust

    i wish. if it were that easy i wouldn’t have to make this post. 😉

    let me know if you find it to be that easy. then i’d know i’m doing something wrong.


  3. David

    Normally what you would do is unzip Tomcat then unzip the admin tools right over the top. However if you use the windows exe it gets installed in the directory of your choice so it muddies the waters a bit.

    Basically download the admin zip from apache and unzip to a temp directory. It’ll be something like:


    Then copy:

    Then take the whole directory tree:

    and drag it to (sub directories and all):

    Fire up Tomcat and you should be all set. You may need to adjust tomcat-user.xml rights. Namely make sure the user admin has “tomcat,manager,admin” rights.

    Should be good to go then.

  4. Frank Merenda

    David’s got it exactly right.

    It may be that you forgot to exit the tomcat-user.xml file?

    Take care,

  5. Erik Weibust

    Hey Guys,

    Awesome advice! I’m crazy busy working at a different client site/project. I’ll try these tips tonight and report back.


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