What the heck is wrong with GMail…

I’m getting a little fed up with GMail lately. I don’t know what the problem is, but it seems like ever since they rolled Google Talk into GMail they’ve been having sporadic outages. I’m having problems getting my mail right now!

I’m afraid it’s time to stop forwarding my mail to GMail. It’s just not reliable enough lately to use as a mail client. I think I’m going back to Thunderbird.

Yeah, this is a bit knee-jerk of me, but I’ve been having problems like this, on-and-off, for over a week.

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  1. Mark

    Its been alittle slow lately but I haven’t had any connections you seem to be having. BTW, I just keep it logged out of gtalk and it sped things up quite a bit. Plus I would rather now have windows start popping up when I log in. 😉

  2. Erik Weibust

    Hmm… It’s interesting to hear you have noticed some slowness. That proves I’m not crazy. 😉

    So you don’t use the talk stand alone app? Do you use the browser based version? Can you disable it in the browser?


  3. Mark

    Sorry but Gtalk is well, crap. For podcasting I prefer to use Gizmo since it has a built in record feature. If for what ever reason gizmo isn’t cutting it, I’ll move over to Skype. But that requires me to record the conversation using the line out, from my desktop, into the line in on my laptop.

    If I want to IM someone I’ll do it within GAIM. It covers all the protocals so I don’t need to run a bunch of difference programs just to talk with people. My only exception to what I just said is for IRC; then I use HIRC.

    To disable the chat function within gmail look on the left hand side for the quick contacts area. You should then see a Sign into Chat link or a Set Satus here link. Click on that and it will turn into a pull down with a sign out option.

  4. Shakti

    My emails do not arrive in chronological order. Emails sent hours earlier show up inserted in the correct place in my Inbox, but, again, they don’t come until hours after they’ve been sent even though other emails DO arrive.

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