Google Interested In Me…

I have to say that I was floored, surprised, and proud that Google wanted to interview me. I got the following email on Monday evening.

Hello Erik,

I am “some person” and I work with the web applications engineering team at Google. The purpose of this email is to inform you that I am involved in driving a key initiative for Google in the web applications space which is rather urgent. Your name has come to my attention as someone who would be a great person to network with due to your expertise and experience in the field.

When you have 5 minutes please do give me a call at 650 253 XXXX or send me an email at

I look forward to hearing from you

“some person”

“Some Person”
Google – Staffing
Web Applications engineering

I’m not sure how they came across my name, but it’s cool that they got it. I replied to this email on Tuesday morning. I played phone tag with the person a couple times Tuesday afternoon. Then we spoke for about 30 minutes later Tuesday afternoon and left the conversation at me needing to get her a resume and she would schedule a technical interview.

I talked it over with my wife and we wouldn’t want to move out to California. We’d miss our family, and the cost of living would be too hard to adjust to. So not wanting to waste precious “Google Time” I replied to the lady with a, “Thanks, but no thanks.” I’m not saying I’d make it past even the first round of interviews. But, if I don’t want to leave where I’m at it really doesn’t make sense to waste both our times.

Still, I felt pretty dang good getting that email. Don’t think I won’t print that one out and stick it on the fridge. 🙂

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  1. Josh

    Good call bro. (IMHO)

    The following should make you even more comfortable with your decision (unless of course Google promises to make you ‘rock-star-rich’ within a few short years – God knows… you’re gettin’ a bit *old* there Weibust):

    However, knowing you I’d be willing to bet the farm (not really “the farm”) that you’d you’d be hired if you so desired.

    In any case, that is REALLY cool.

  2. Aunt Ness

    Well this is pretty amazing!! I guess you’ll be the first famous(though not infamous) person from our family. First, O’Reilly and now Google. I’m glad you won’t be any farther away.

  3. Vinny Carpenter

    Hey Erik and congratulations. Call them back and let them know that you’ll take the job if you get timeshare on Larry and Sergey’s new 767 Jet 🙂

  4. .

    SF/SJ cost of living eat up all your increase in pay.

    over in SF/SJ areas two professionals must work until long time to pay off the house.

    one house example near LA is at least $800,000 and up. in 2004 this guy moved to North TX and lived in a new house for 2.5 times size and paid one third of his old LA house.

    he found a real job here while living here too !

    and his LA friend is getting North TX interviews while staying at his friend house.

    try Microsoft and the job “will be outsourced” soon.

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