First Aggie Tourney Win Since 1980…

WHOOP! The Aggies beat Syracuse last night which was our first NCAA Tourney win since 1980!

Quick recap:
The game was close in the 1st half. The Aggies ran up an 11 point lead late in the 2nd half. Syracuse got it close within a point, but then Acie Law took over and the Aggiess locked it up.

Bring on LSU!!!! (remember a couple days ago I said the Aggies will beat both Syracuse and LSU)

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  1. Mark

    Warning: I’m clueless about college sports.

    Besides the finals will your team play my local team (BC)?

  2. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Mark….

    The only way the Ags play BC is for a championship. So it is safe for you to pull for the Ags tomorrow against LSU. 😉


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