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Reading a post on Todd Huss’ blog, he lists his two favorite blogs and then asks what his readers two favorite blogs are, and why? The old why question? ** NOTE: For whatever reason, Todd has pulled the post, but I’ll still list my favorite 2 blogs, and answer his Why question.

Anyhow, I agree with one of his choices, I too, list Matt Raible’s blog, Raible Designs, as one of my favorites. And, I choose Matt’s blog for the same reason that Todd listed. Matt, gives excellent technical content as well as giving fun, interesting, amusing personal stories. I’ve been reading Matt’s blog for a couple years and he has never gotten dull, or sparse in his posts. Keep it up Matt.

I’ll list my second favorite blog as The Unofficial Apple Weblog. It’s obviously an Apple-related site. It does a real good job of always being on-top of any and all Apple related news. Most of TUAW’s posts get a good back and forth in the comments section between the post authors and the site’s readers.

I also would like to list a couple other blogs that I used to really like, but recently the authors removed the ability for readers to leave comments and I think the sites are not as strong because of it. Maniacal Rage by Garrett Murray and Russell Beattie’s Notebook. Both were great sites and are still very good, I just personally enjoy blogs more when the ability for readers to leave comments/feedback exists. Both sites still have top-notch content, they just don’t suck me in like they used to.

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