Yup, the Aggies Lost…

Yup, the Aggies lost to LSU Saturday, but what a game…

I don’t think there were too many people giving the Ags a chance to beat LSU. Heck, there weren’t that many people giving the Ags a chance against Syracuse. So, just playing in the Second Round was a major victory for the Texas A&M Men’s Basketball program.

It’s safe to say the Aggies got the right man for the job in Billy Gillispie. I hope to hear of a long-term contract extension in the next day or so.

I only wish the Aggies made a good hire when the brought in Coach Fran. This might be the first time in Aggie sports history that Aggie fans look past football with excitement for the upcoming basketball season.

One more thing on the Aggie loss to LSU. I’m not mad, angry, pissed, or any of that stuff. I couldn’t be prouder of the Aggie basketball program right now. I think we are legit. I think we can challenge Texas and Kansas next year for a Big 12 title. I have no doubts that we will be back in the NCAA Tourney. I think we might be a preseason Top 25.

Aggie Basketball Is For Real.

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