Opened an Eclipse Bug Report…

Per Wayne Beaton‘s blog post asking for more people to open Eclipse Bug Reports I’ve opened one for something that has been bothering me.

Summing up the bug (here is a link to the actual bugzilla report), there is a problem when using keyboard shortcuts to navigate between open editors. Specifically, I encounter the bug when moving from a file to a web.xml file. I normally have many Java files open in editors and a web.xml file open. I like keyboard shortcuts and using the shortcut to go between source files is convenient. It’s Ctrl-Page Up and Ctrl-Page Down. The problem is that when you hit a web.xml file you first see the “Source” editor view. Hitting the shortcut combo again takes you to the “Design” view. Hitting the combo one more time doesn’t move you along to the next open editor. It puts you in a never-ending loop of back and forth between the “Design” view and the “Source” view.

So, I’m sure the bug has been reported before. Although, I did a search and didn’t see anything. And, I’m sure I’ll get my hand slapped for putting the bug in the wrong “category”. BUT, at least I’ve answered Wayne’s call for new Bug Reports. Now, lets hope that it’s just operator error and somebody clues me in on the problem.

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