This Sucks About iTunes…

Here is something that SUCKS about iTunes. This just makes me crazy! I HATE that Apple lists the re-release date for albums that have been reissued, remastered, etc. Can they not at least list the original date an album was released?

Last week I was looking for some old Neil Young stuff and it was hard because all the old stuff had a release date of 2005. Well, I know he didn’t release 10-15 albums in 2005. So to get the info I needed I had to jump over to

Now, today I was looking for some info on The Cure and when an album was released and the majority of them listed 2004. Same thing, The Cure didn’t release 10 albums in 2004. Again, I had to hit for the info.

Some might say my “beef” is minor, but either way, both times I’ve left iTunes and gone somewhere else which could have been multiple lost sales for Apple.

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  1. Andy Hoffman


    I’m just too old fashioned. I still like to get my music on CDs then add them to iTunes. The kids buy their’s off the site but given the number of times I’ve switched computers, lost hard drives, etc., it’s nice to have an original copy and I’ll give the load whatever date I want.


  2. Erik Weibust


    I’m with you on buying CDs and having physical backups. The reason I was mad at iTunes is that I always have it up and running. And it would be nice if I could get some useful info from it. Instead, I had to surf to to get the info.

    If a CD was first released in 1986 then somewhere iTunes should list that date.


  3. pete

    i don’t think apple set this trend. the same thing happens if you buy a cd that has been remastered. CDDB (which pre-dates iTunes) lists the release date as the remastered version release date as well.

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