Deport ALL Illegal Immigrants…

This crap with the illegals is getting out of hand. The government needs to check every single protester’s credentials. If there are here illegally they NEED to be shipped back to their home of origin. Yes, there are millions of them. Round them up. Then ship them back. I don’t care about the costs. We are paying way more to school them, to feed them, to care for their medical needs.

THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY! They don’t have the same rights as you and I. They aren’t guests in our country.


There was a picture on the front page of It was a protester’s sign that said, “USA built by immigrants.” That is true. But, not ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL immigrants.

I pray that the result of all this is the US getting tough on illegals. I pray that there is a fence 100 feet high built around our borders. I pray that the the government defends our borders like our forefathers would have wanted.

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  1. Brandon

    How much does this country pay for the lazy, worthless Americans that milk our society daily? The ones that have babies just because they get more money from the government? This list can go on and on. Just watch the news or walk down the street.

    Mexicans that come to this country only want to support their families and work. They appreciate the opportunity that is given to them. They take nothing for granted. Again, unlike many of the Americans that you see daily.

    Which is more expensive? Think about it.

  2. Erik Weibust

    Good points, Brandon, but what you’ve pointed out easily belongs in another blog post.

    There are some lazy, worthless Americans that are miling the system. That people like you and I are paying for. BUT, those ILLEGALS you were just defending (if I understand you comment) are NOT helping pay for them with us. That is one of the big problems with illegals.

    The illegal comes here and works hard. They pay ZERO taxes into the system. Their kids get to go to our schools and WE, the taxpayers, pay their way. The businesses the illegals, are working for aren’t paying taxes into the system for the illegals either.

    Illegals are “illegal”. They are here illegally. They broke the law. They don’t belong here. They need to be removed from this country. They need to go through the proper channels to get here. If that takes a long time, too bad. That is the system.


  3. Xader Vartec

    You need to learn to welcome our Mexican overlords.

  4. Erik Weibust

    I only welcome them if they are legal Mexican-Americans.


  5. Brandon

    When you said, “We are paying way more to school them, to feed them, to care for their medical needs.” I thought you were concerned about their financial burden on this country. That’s why I mentioned what I did about lazy, worthless Americans. If you are worried about the security of this country due to open borders, I share your concerns.

    But if I can mention some things…the biggest concern should be paying for their medical costs. Living in Houston and working in the hospital system here, you can see it. They rarely go to the hospital, unless it it a life threatening emergency or to have kids (and they do have alot, but we can save that for another post).

    We do not pay to school their kids. They have either apartments or have purchased a house. Either way, school taxes are part of property taxes. If you pay for an apartment, the owner uses the rent to pay the taxes. And you know how home mortgages go.

    Food…I don’t know. How many Mexicans are on welfare. If they are, they have a SS# and are legal. Or, they have a SS# and it is not real and they are illegal.

    Either way, the system is bad and that’s the way it is. Hopefully, something will happen soon and we can move on to something that will really help this country.

    Too much to discuss over your site. Brush up on your economics 🙂 and we can discuss this over some Bud Light at Rolfe’s house!

    Take care, and I hope the family is doing good.


  6. SoCal

    medical centers in SoCal shut down because these illegals milk them. you don’t know what is milking?
    some places the street signs are crowded and in Mexican. California is now Mexifornia !

  7. SoCal

    Cal is $39Billion in public debt when Governor came into office. he borrow tons and tons of billions to pay interests on time.

    just not big news in the media though. to get away from those US authorities, illegals move into states that have fewer illegals or immigrants. Connecticut and New Hamsphire got more illegals than before.

    lots of benefits to Senators or Congress people to hire illegals as maids or mistress (pretty or under age, eh?).

  8. Frank

    Here’s a theoretical question:
    If 500,000 Norwegians with no identification crossed the border into Sweden, and began rioting in the streets in Stockholm, waving Norwegian flags and demanding that Sweden open their border to Norway, what would the appropriate response for the Swedish government be?

  9. Abe

    Dude, they are illegally here because there is no legal way they can apply for to come to the USA. Do a little research and see what are the only ways a foreigner can come to the United States.
    1.- Sponsorship from a family member who is a US Citizen.
    2.- Sponsorship from an employer. This only happens to rich families in latin american countries who were able to pay a lot of money for their university and therefore, get a good executive job.
    3.- Visa Lottery. Mexico does not participate in this thing.
    4.- Student Visa – Need to show proof of funds to live in the USA, at least a bank account with 15,000 dollars.

    They are here because they are poor and they need to support their families and it is a fact that the USA knew about this but there was a reason they didn’t do a thing. Low wages causes low inflation and that is basic eceonomics. Now that they think they have the proper amount of labor force needed, they are going to “close” the borders and keep the people who are here.
    Believe me, if there was a way these people could come here legally, it is more likely they would. Don’t blame them. Blame their corrupt government, its not their fault and i am sure that you would do ANYTHING for your family like these people did.

  10. el corita

    hahahahah this is our country, so you must go back to europe white boys

  11. Rich Moonite

    The best way to solve our problems is to look at our constitution. If we follow it’s spirit our choices will be clear. Ever hear of “all men are created equal?” If our country is having problems supporting social programs, then perhaps we need to concentrate our efforts on either trimming the programs and pushing towards privatization or find a way to have -everyone- pay their share. There are many “transplants” here in Southern California both from the Midwest and other countries as a native I don’t complain either way. Our state is the richest by far and if you work hard your background shouldn’t matter.
    Don’t be a jerk.

  12. Jordan

    I totally disagree with illegal immigration. This is taking us down hill. All the mexicans want to do is take over the US so, we need to get the government to wake up … before its too late!!

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