Sun Getting Serious About the Name Java SE…

I’ve thought it was funny, ever since Sun announced they were changing the names of J2SE and J2EE, that they never fully updated their website to reflect the new names.

Then I noticed yesterday that there were some url changes on For me, when I need to hit the API for J2SE I just type in the url vs using a bookmark. So I normally type, and if I’m lazy, instead of tying the full url to the api I’ll just hit enter and then select the API link from the left nav-bar.

While going through this process yesterday I noticed that when I typed I got redirected to The page has the title, “Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE).” This page and url could have been live since Sun made the name change announcement, but they are just now redirecting users to the page. Either way, I was glad to see the change.


Then when I browsed to the Java SE 5.0 API I was sad to see the url still using the old naming standard, And the title of the page is still using the old name, “JavaTM 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0 API Specification”.

So much for really changing the name.

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  1. Romain Guy

    There is nothing wrong with that. J2SE 5.0 remains J2SE 5.0. The name Java SE starts with Java SE 6, as Java EE starts with Java EE 5. Like there was no J2SE 1.1, there won’t be any Java SE 5.0.

    Did you REALLY expect the name of the old versions to change as well? It’s enough of a mess already 🙂

  2. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Romain. Thanks for stopping by.

    Confusing. Confusing. I hope Sun clears this up a bit at JavaOne. It really shouldn’t be confusing. I just want somebody to make it real clear as to when and what I call J2SE or Java SE. 🙂


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