Google Calendar Sucks…

Yeah. I just said it. I even used it as the title of this post. I really think the Google Calendar app sucks. It’s just too bare bones. There are some apps that need features. That need bells and whistles. And in my opinion a calendar app needs some features/ functionality.

I can’t help it, but the whole quick-add just seems stupid. I tried it again last night and got an error message back that said something like, “couldn’t do it…” What’s worse is that the successful message is even more vague. It just says something like, “added”. It probably should take you to the new entry so you can confirm the “smarts” it’s using to do the add.

Imagine you put something important in with quick-add. Something like, “my wedding 3 weeks from next month”. The only feedback you get is that it’s added. What if the entry went somewhere other then the “true” date. You keep watching your calendar. You forgot when you’re supposed to be getting married, but think you’re safe because it’s in your Google Calendar. Then you miss your wedding cuz Google got the translation wrong on your quick-add.

Yeah, that is a crazy-arce story, but the point comes across. If there was just some feedback as to WHERE Google Calendar made your entry. Even something as simple as, “successfully added entry on 5/15/06.” That way you’d at least know where they put it. I have the urge to do a search, right after a quick-add, to confirm the entry went where it was supposed to go.

One positive note on Google Calendar. I just saw today, that they have released a public API for Google Calendar Data. Hopefully, we’ll get some real cool functionality added on top of Google Calendar, making the interface a bit more usable. I’m hoping for something like the people at Zillow did with Google Maps.

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  1. a

    agree, google calendar doesnt even work on Opera~

  2. Yes

    Well, 5 years later and Google Calendar still sucks. For some time, I’ve been wanting to use Google Calendar with Outlook, now I’m thinking of buying and Android phone, but maybe I have to reconsider. It seems that Google is getting sloppy.

  3. John Miller

    I got sucked in to the Google Calendar vortex of inexplicable suckiness – and I’m not even using it, someone else I know is (but I was trying to research a workaround for the problems.)

    1)In monthly view, can’t wrap text. Who wants to look at unwrapped text in a calendar?

    2) It either displays “Busy” or the actual event text (but between different configurations and browsers it’s a toss-up which one it will display.)

    I used to talk up Google to the young college students I’ve run into – telling them how much Internet search sucked before Google came along, and how great Google was for taking it to a new level.

    But Google’s gone down a few notches in esteem after this Calendar debacle.


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